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Posted 02-17-2015

Welcome to the Red Oak Townhomes. Red Oak is a gated community consisting of 121 privately owned condominiums. Our deed restrictions are strictly enforced. We are excited that you chose Red Oak as your home.

You may find the following information helpful:

The Red Oak Homeowners Association Board of Directors meets on the third Thursday in January, June, August, and October. Meetings are held at the Villas of Westador Clubhouse located at 17401 Red Oak Drive at 6:30 p.m. All homeowners are welcome to attend.

Trash Collection - Trash is picked up on Tuesday and Friday. Since our trash is normally collected very early, trash may be set out in the late afternoons on Monday and Thursday.

Animal Issues - If you have a complaint about a barking or dangerous dog, please call the Harris County Animal Services at 281-999-3192 or by email at www.houstonanimalcontrol.org/harriscounty.html.

Pet Policy - In 2015, the HOA Board passed a new pet policy. The new pet policy limits the size, breed, and number of animals that can be kept on Red Oak property. The pet policy is posted in the bulletin board by the guard house.

Contact Information:

Jim Miller at Creative Management
jmiller [at] cmctx.com

Red Oak HOA Board
redoakhoa [at] hotmail.com

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HOA Meetings

  • Third Thursday of January, June, August, and October
  • Meeting location:
    Villas of Westador Clubhouse
    17401 Red Oak Dr.
    at 6:30 p.m.
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